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  Title: Sooooooo What's Up?
Mar 30, 2012 - 12:19 am
Posted By: Oakman

Seriously tho, whats everyone been up to?

  Title: Whoa where did everyone go?!?!?!
Feb 14, 2011 - 11:24 am
Posted By: Oakman

looks like i might be getting my hands dirty in the main server soon, been over a year and I'm lazy. Am I gonna go crazy from the awesome changes?

  Title: The busy life of a former AAtrader
Jan 17, 2009 - 12:03 pm
Posted By: Oakman

It's been awhile since I posted something and even longer since i played. Wish I could join up, but still been really busy with other things. Main thing is I'm still working at Hertz for a subpar wage and dedicating around 60 hours a week to them including commute time. It blows. Thought about joining up then realized I would only be able to play 1-2 hours a night, and that would be eliminating all the actual time I had to myself which I'm not willing to do. On a bright/bad note. The one office I work at is closing down and now were all just moving to the other office 2 miles down the road. Gonna make the job even worse with my shitty managers. Don't be surprised if you see me when I get fed up with that in the next month or so. Until then, happy hunting

  Title: Oakman- The rest of his life
Oct 10, 2008 - 7:30 pm
Posted By: Oakman

Most of you that talk to me outside the game know that I got a job.  Yes, I work at hertz in wilmington DE. It sucks. Well, its not that bad. Worst part is no internet access cause they didnt give me a password yet. So the slim hope I had of still playing main, even if it wasnt serious, is out. Kind of disappointing, but one of my co-workers does come to the rescue on slow days to put in his password. Slow days that don't come often enough.

In other news, HOW BOUT THEM PHILLIES! I am from Philadelphia and most of you know our long ass drought of championships in the city. As I type this the best closer in baseball is striking out nomar garciapara to put the phillies 1 game closer to the world series.  Lets get one thing straight though. Anyone that follows sports knows that philadelphia is desperate for a championship. Hell, the announcers of every sport state it every game they play. But many of you probable don't realize HOW desperate we are. I myself am so desperate I'd almost give my left...you know for a championship. ALMOST. Anyways, hit me up on AIM or MSN if u still wanna chat with me and ill prob still be stopping in now and again.


  Title: Main News 8/7-8/14
Aug 14, 2008 - 6:28 pm
Posted By: Oakman

The main server has begun to have some action through the rankings with many players beginning their onslaughts.

Most of the players on page 1 and 2 of the still have a ton of planets in RS and this is where most of the action has been.  Captain Morgan has begun attacking several players with little to no repurcussions.  DiktatorKris, Hebus and Kamikadze have done some attacking, but nothing on large scale.  One of the top 5 AB commited suicide, but not before blowing his planets.t

A large attack on Dixon planets was done by Mithan Kronos and Oakman with over 30 planets being captured.  Also, it seems Mithans building strategy is paying off with him jumping in the rankings this past week.

Many players have been running into SD having their ships destroyed. I expect this to be ending soon when players begin adjusting to SD levels and getting more credits for a second AR ship. On a positive note, not many players have taken any bounties recently with Tomelz the only one to make an extreme mistake and being destroyed by Coriolanus who has finally left the safety of his home.

For all you that have been playing the game you will be pleased to know that Wraith and Bottom Gun have joined. However, BG was destroyed without a pod.

Kill and death list:

Destroyed by SD (SD owner):
Dixon (killer)
Dixon (Mithan Kronos)
DiktatorKris (Martello)
DiktatorKris (hebus)
Dixon (killer)
DiktatorKris (hebus)
Hellacious (????)
Dixon (Sir Eric)
Rodz (????)
Krishna (Dixon)
Krishna (Dixon)
Bottom Gun (????)
Dixon (Sage)
Dragon King (????)
Sage (Dixon)
JecJoker (????)
Galenor (????)
AntiChrist (????)
JecJoker (Judge Ghis)
Sage (Captain Morgan)
Carter (????)

Destroyed Attacking a Planet (planet owner)
Galenor (Lucky Star)

Ship or SM attack:
Tonto SM Cabal
Rodz def Adub2
Rodz def Kold
Dixon def Leonidas
DiktatorKris def Hebus
Dixon def Krishna
Captain Morgan def Regulus
Oak def Krishna
Captain Morgan def sage
Coriolanus def Tomelz
Dead King Def Shadow Knight

Suicide List:
Dragon King
The AntiChrist

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