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  Title: Sooooooo What's Up?
Mar 30, 2012 - 12:19 am
Posted By: Oakman

Seriously tho, whats everyone been up to?

  Title: Whoa where did everyone go?!?!?!
Feb 14, 2011 - 11:24 am
Posted By: Oakman

looks like i might be getting my hands dirty in the main server soon, been over a year and I'm lazy. Am I gonna go crazy from the awesome changes?

  Title: The busy life of a former AAtrader
Jan 17, 2009 - 12:03 pm
Posted By: Oakman

It's been awhile since I posted something and even longer since i played. Wish I could join up, but still been really busy with other things. Main thing is I'm still working at Hertz for a subpar wage and dedicating around 60 hours a week to them including commute time. It blows. Thought about joining up then realized I would only be able to play 1-2 hours a night, and that would be eliminating all the actual time I had to myself which I'm not willing to do. On a bright/bad note. The one office I work at is closing down and now were all just moving to the other office 2 miles down the road. Gonna make the job even worse with my shitty managers. Don't be surprised if you see me when I get fed up with that in the next month or so. Until then, happy hunting

  Title: Oakman- The rest of his life
Oct 10, 2008 - 7:30 pm
Posted By: Oakman

Most of you that talk to me outside the game know that I got a job.  Yes, I work at hertz in wilmington DE. It sucks. Well, its not that bad. Worst part is no internet access cause they didnt give me a password yet. So the slim hope I had of still playing main, even if it wasnt serious, is out. Kind of disappointing, but one of my co-workers does come to the rescue on slow days to put in his password. Slow days that don't come often enough.

In other news, HOW BOUT THEM PHILLIES! I am from Philadelphia and most of you know our long ass drought of championships in the city. As I type this the best closer in baseball is striking out nomar garciapara to put the phillies 1 game closer to the world series.  Lets get one thing straight though. Anyone that follows sports knows that philadelphia is desperate for a championship. Hell, the announcers of every sport state it every game they play. But many of you probable don't realize HOW desperate we are. I myself am so desperate I'd almost give my left...you know for a championship. ALMOST. Anyways, hit me up on AIM or MSN if u still wanna chat with me and ill prob still be stopping in now and again.


  Title: Main News 8/7-8/14
Aug 14, 2008 - 6:28 pm
Posted By: Oakman

The main server has begun to have some action through the rankings with many players beginning their onslaughts.

Most of the players on page 1 and 2 of the still have a ton of planets in RS and this is where most of the action has been.  Captain Morgan has begun attacking several players with little to no repurcussions.  DiktatorKris, Hebus and Kamikadze have done some attacking, but nothing on large scale.  One of the top 5 AB commited suicide, but not before blowing his planets.t

A large attack on Dixon planets was done by Mithan Kronos and Oakman with over 30 planets being captured.  Also, it seems Mithans building strategy is paying off with him jumping in the rankings this past week.

Many players have been running into SD having their ships destroyed. I expect this to be ending soon when players begin adjusting to SD levels and getting more credits for a second AR ship. On a positive note, not many players have taken any bounties recently with Tomelz the only one to make an extreme mistake and being destroyed by Coriolanus who has finally left the safety of his home.

For all you that have been playing the game you will be pleased to know that Wraith and Bottom Gun have joined. However, BG was destroyed without a pod.

Kill and death list:

Destroyed by SD (SD owner):
Dixon (killer)
Dixon (Mithan Kronos)
DiktatorKris (Martello)
DiktatorKris (hebus)
Dixon (killer)
DiktatorKris (hebus)
Hellacious (????)
Dixon (Sir Eric)
Rodz (????)
Krishna (Dixon)
Krishna (Dixon)
Bottom Gun (????)
Dixon (Sage)
Dragon King (????)
Sage (Dixon)
JecJoker (????)
Galenor (????)
AntiChrist (????)
JecJoker (Judge Ghis)
Sage (Captain Morgan)
Carter (????)

Destroyed Attacking a Planet (planet owner)
Galenor (Lucky Star)

Ship or SM attack:
Tonto SM Cabal
Rodz def Adub2
Rodz def Kold
Dixon def Leonidas
DiktatorKris def Hebus
Dixon def Krishna
Captain Morgan def Regulus
Oak def Krishna
Captain Morgan def sage
Coriolanus def Tomelz
Dead King Def Shadow Knight

Suicide List:
Dragon King
The AntiChrist

  Title: Yes or No?
Jul 19, 2008 - 1:09 am
Posted By: Oakman

I've been debating coming back to main since I have alot of free time but don't know if I should. It just doesnt have the feel that it had years ago when there were alot more people to compete against. Plus I like the pillaging aspect of attacking which is gone now. Perhaps I should turn builder...

  Title: AAT Fantasy Baseball
Mar 17, 2008 - 9:56 pm
Posted By: Oakman

I know there's some sports fans out there and malhiem wanted to play so I started a head to head league in yahoo. Draft is in 14 days and will miss the first week of the season. Anyone interested just give me a message on AIM: joeoak1 MSN: jelloboy52@hotmail.com or email me at jf_okolowsk@neumann.edu. Tag all emails with fantasy baseball. Ill send you the league ID and password. Luck to all.

  Title: Some fun in the busy schedule
Nov 12, 2007 - 3:06 am
Posted By: Oakman

As most of you know I've been fairly busy with schoolwork and family problems lately, but this past weekend was actually quite a bit fun!. Normally I get to see a movie or go to the pool hall for a few hours a weekend. However, I discovered late last week that Philadelphia was hosting its own anime convention this weekend! Quickly me and a few friends decided to ride up on sunday to see how it is and pick up some free swag which is a staple of any convention. I looked online at the website and was thrilled and skeptical at the same time. Just a few weeks ago the con was supposably canceled and then brought back on, and I spent over half an hour looking for the price of one day badges and still didn't find it. Many people were asking questions in the forums and surprisingly there were no answers from admins or people working the con. Nevertheless, I've been waiting years for philly to host its own convention  so we still went up.

We got in the car around 10 and got to the convention center half an hour later. A helpful worker told us that the section of the center was down this one hallway and we could see some cosplayers in action so we headed up to the desk to get our badges. $25 later and some phony information so they don't send me a gazillion anime advertisements again we were finally in Philly's first anime convention! We entered the first room on the left (since there were none on the right) and it was the dealers room. Dissappointment ensued. The dealers room was roughly half a football field in size, and about 1/4 of the tables didn't even have anyone at them. The stuff was ridiculously priced, even for a con, and many of the vendors had the same stuff. We SCOURED the room for an hour looking for things that we might want, but the high prices and lack of motivation from the sellers disuaded us. No problem we said, theres more rooms in the hall, and I saw a half decent list of guests, so lets take a walk. Next room was a panel with the vic mignogna, which was just voted as the best actor at the american anime awards in february. It was fairly full, and the room was a bit smaller than the dealers room but we decided to make a short stop. We stood at the door for a few minutes to look for a set of seats that were available and heard some of the questions being asked. POOR VIC! Unanimously we decided to move to the next room. The lights were off in there and we saw an LCD TV playing short clips of japanese movies and anime clips with 2 guys giving commentary about their history. Was fairly interesting when the 2 guys got in an argument on whether this heart in a monster movie was transplanted or eaten, but on the whole boring and we left about 5 minutes later. So we take a short walk down to the last room, and it was locked...impossible...3 rooms. You've gotta be shitting me! slightly less than an hour and a half after entering the convention center we did everything that we could at tandokucon. Tandoku must be japanese for disappointment...

We go back to the dealers room to possibly find something to salvage the day and I ran into my buddy James. He had a 3 day pass (poor guy) and gave me the rundown of everything that went on. Some important and funny things 1. one stand was selling wooden boken for $5 and sold out the first day, no surprise since that is a good price, and the other guy there was selling them for $15. 2. He got to talk to Vic on saturday and chill with him a few hours, was funny seeing how everyone in the panel room was going nuts at him just being there when they could of went on saturday and actually had a conversation with him. 3. the cosplay costumes sucked (I concurred). Not a big cosplay guy and will never dress up, but I do enjoy seeing a really nice cosplay costume. 4. Some guy was trying to sell old super nintendo games for $50 on saturday, which ironically was the same guy with the $15 boken. He'll be out of business soon. 5. A lady actually drove from indiana to be there :/ 6. NO FREE SWAG!!!!! 7. There was a comic shop he visited 2 blocks from the con that had no idea it was going on. Seems like somebody wasn't doing their job as the PR person.

All in all it was a bust. I did see a nice MILF... and we found a camera which ill post on their forums tommorow to see if theres any takers.  Lunch time had come so we took a quick walk to the hard rock to get some burgers which were surprisingly good. Not a big fan of them or planet hollywoods so it was just a quick lunch. Since going back to the con would bring utter boredom we decided to walk china town, one of my favorite activities to do in philly.

We hit up the asian basement supermarket, see the live fish for sale, grab some foodstuffs and take in the wacky food items. I got ramune, pocky, these amazing strawberry gummies, green tea, jasmine tea, and debated buying a sake set (again). but decided to put it off til the next trip. Next stop was the big asian store with bootleg movies, and anything else chinese/japanese you can think of. I made a point that there was more anime DVDs and Manga there than at the con. I didn't buy anything since I spent the remainder of my cash on parking, lunch, and asian snacks. The total time we spent in there was prob more than at the con itself lol.

So all in all the day wasn't a bust, but the con was. Extremely disappointing. With some work (like actually answering questions in the forum or posting the data people are looking for online) and me as the head marketing guy/PR guy, it would at least triple in size next year. Seriously, who doesn't contact the local comic shops and anime stores? It was a stroke of luck that I even discovered it, and I check for stuff like this all the time... The day ended with me leaving with NO SWAG!!!!, a bunch of asian food goodies, a big dent in my wallet, and me missing the Eagles comeback in the last 5 minutes against the redskins. But it was good to finally get out for a day of fun...

EDIT: Just realized the worst part of the con was that they actually had some big name voice actors and guests. Since the con was an obvious bust, this is going to go around the industry and I seriously doubt that anyone will come back next year. Thats even if its around next year. Expected attendance this year 2-4K people my ass...Could probably hold 500 people max in the entire area they had set up. Can't wait to see the online postings for this one...

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  Title: Fun time killer
Aug 23, 2007 - 1:58 am
Posted By: Oakman

Next time your bored check out the rankings page and click on someones linked profile. Then change the ID# to 1,2,3 etc. and see how long people have been playing. Alot of guys that are in there i've never even heard of, and even found the person that introduced it to the person that showed me the game. Lives in the local town of linwood maybe 3 miles from me.

  Title: Main Game
Aug 15, 2007 - 4:55 pm
Posted By: Oakman

Are we really down to 80 people on main? Seems just like yesterday theres was over 250, 100k sectors, and you had to fight to be one of the 10 people allowed online at any given point. Wonder where they all went?

  Title: Stuff
Jul 21, 2007 - 9:50 pm
Posted By: Oakman

Well the original plan was to join the tourney an hour or so before it started, but since it starts a week later now, I'll probably be away next weekend. It's a shame because I have yet to miss a tournament since I've started playing seriously.  I love the tourneys, and I thint  they're a great test of ones skill, but that 4 hour limit really hampers the part I like calling "the setup stage". I like upgrading my planets gradually, and that usually means keeping an eye on them throughout the day so they get up to real credit producers faster than everyone elses. Even later when I like to search for everyones hole the time is a real killer.

Taking a closer look at the settings I noticed that the last sensor level to see what sector a player went to was bumped up to 350 instead of 300. That means its another serious blow to attackers since it would take ALOT longer to get to this level and track players down when they're online. Most people  I talked to about this didn't even know about it and I wonder how many people would of spent all their cash to get 300 sensors and neglect their other levels of their attacking ships.

On the main server I haven't been doing too much. Being up top is boring and I've been looking to change my alliance to Good or evil. Would liven things up for alot of the lower players .  Keep an eye out for me cause I'll be doing something soon if all goes to plan. Anyways, best of luck and take care.

  Title: ship stats for panta
Jun 2, 2007 - 7:02 pm
Posted By: Oakman

Hull Normal (315 / 350)  
Damaged (315 / 350)    
Engine Normal (300 / 350)  
Damaged (300 / 350)    
Power Normal (300 / 350)  
Damaged (300 / 350)    
Fighter Bay Normal (313 / 350)  
Damaged (313 / 350)    
Sensor Normal (323 / 350)  
Damaged (323 / 350)    

Average tech level (305.9 / 350.0)    
Armor Normal (300 / 350)  
Damaged (300 / 350)    
Shield Normal (300 / 350)  
Damaged (300 / 350)    
Beam Weapon Normal (300 / 350)  
Damaged (300 / 350)    
Torpedo launcher Normal (314 / 350)  
Damaged (314 / 350)    
Cloak Normal (300 / 350)  
Damaged (300 / 350)    
ECM Normal (300 / 350)  
Damaged (300 / 350)    

Armor & Weapons

Total Cargo     0 / 3.52 M  
   Energy     9.58 M / 9.58 M  
  Fighters     3.24 M / 3.24 M  
  Torpedoes     3.38 M / 3.38 M  
  Armor points     1.91 M / 1.91 M  
  Beam Weapons Class     Ship  
  Fighters Class     Ship  
  Torpedoes Class     Ship  
  Shields Class     Ship  
  Armor Class     Ship  
Fuel Scoop     1  
Warp Editor     314  
Emergency Warp Device     3  

Escape Pod     1  
Sector Genesis Device     95  
Genesis Device     430  
Spies     433  
Sector Missile     5

  Title: My tourney and various thoughts about it
May 23, 2007 - 5:52 pm
Posted By: Oakman

  Going into this tourney, I really didn't expect to do much.  I am honestly supposed to be in Canada at Niagra Falls right now.  This would of left me with a little more than a week to play since I would of left last Friday.  Yet I joined up anyway to help me learn the new version a bit better and hone my skills for the main since it was fast settings.  

Oakmans tourney:

  My original plan was to just build an attack the last few days I would be able to play, and then sell my ship and hand the money to my team to use when I left.  After I wasn't able to start when the tourney started, this still seemed like the logical option and I stuck with it most of the game.  Trade prices were low. Extremely low. In fact probably the worst I've ever seen in a tourney.  If we all started off with pioneers, it would have taken forever to get into another ship.  I think I only traded for a few thousand turns, if that, and put the rest into planets. Then did the IGB snowball.

  My first sector was a nice 5 planet system with a colonist port with no warp links!  I figured it would last 3-4 days, which it did.  My trick to making some cash would be to consolidate once, then upgrade the planets as soon as they maxed out once. I think I built up another sector or 2 while doing this, but they had very little cash on them and I only built them up a little bit.

  The second day of the tourney I had some free time at work so I decided to upgrade my sensors and so some scouting.  Luckily I found a nice RS sector of the legion of steel.  I quickly bought a RB and took down the SD.  It was a 5 planet sector and 3 of the planets I took with no problem.  The other 2 however were heavily defended and had DS in an endy on one.  I pulled all my cash, took a loan, and borrowed some cash from my team mates yet I was only taking out armor every third attack or so, and this was a few hundred (the planet had over 30K armor).  It looked like I wouldnt be able to take them.  Luckily Big got online and allowed team transfers on his big planets and that gave me enough firepower to take them out.  I took a little over 100 bn off those planets, and at the time, it was enough to shoot me up to first place.  I put up a decent amount of SD, enough to make them think twice about taking it, and made some decent cash off them until max griswald took them back the next day.

  My plan was to hop in a voyager the next day, but decided against it cause I wanted to save a bit more cash up.  I ended up helping my team build up a SG with the money I made, and still didnt buy my voyager.  The day after I decided against it and sold my endy and RB and invested into a SC.  The plan from there was to build a shitload of little planets in a bunch of colnist ports and sleep in sol.  These planets had little cash on them and i didnt spend more than 200 turns colonizing each one.  Blitz then took my decent RS sector, and my little planets held up for a little over a day.  The 4th or 5th night in the legion took most of those little planets and my SG.  I had maybe 4 planets making cash during this time and I planned to rebuild the next day since the server was having problems after they took all of them.

Everything went to shit the next day though.  I talked to a few of you about this, but most probably dnt know.  My uncle has been on a respirator for 6 weeks now with ARDS and its still unsure if he'll make it or not.  This in itself is fine, I go to the hospital a few times a week and visit him and my aunt and cousins.  This in itself is enough to delay me playing the game, but I need to do it, and thats fine with me.  However, I live with my parents, sister, grandparents, and my down syndrome aunt who is 55.  The day after I was hit hard, I woke up and went to the bathroom and got ready to tell my mom I was suppsoed to meet a friend at hooters for lunch when my aunt had a siezure.  I heard her scream and she started shaking, and we called 911 unsure if it was a siezure or what.  The way she was afterwards it looked like she may of had a stroke.  She didn't come to until 10 minutes after the paramedics arrived and they took her to the hospital which she is still in.  The past few months her memory had been slipping due to old age, and it seems the siezure made it a a bit worse.  She barely remembers anyones name now (except me for some reason, and still doenst remember half the time).  They say she has bad dementia and it looks like the siezure triggered it and made it worse.  So that entire day I was answering family phone calls and waiting to take my grandpop to the hospital when she got into a room. The next day was pretty much the same, and I couldnt play until later that night, but this didnt bother me since all this took precendece over pretty much everything else.

  I rebuilt a few planets so I could make some cash and built up a few nice size planets in a few different places. I would consolidate constantly, and when I had about 10 trillion, I finally bought my voyager.  I barely got to use it tho since it was 2 days before the tourney closed.  It actually dropped my score quite a bit since I sold my SC along with it.  It wouldnt have been a problem if the tourney went the full time however, the move made me end up just outside of the top 5 by about 100K points. A differential that would have been well covered had I not bought the voyager.  Our team finished 2nd and it was a fun tourney none the less.

Other stuff:

Ship sharing: I knew the legion was going to do it beforehand.  Max was telling me about it even before the draft happened.  Since it has been happening in the main to some extent, I just assumed it would be OK in the tourney even though some people disapporved of the tactic before it happened (TH I hear).  A majority of the players playing the tourney didnt like it, although I could of cared less eitherway.  I just wanted to play.

Team: Claude (kilroy) did a good job of of being captain.  He tried to get us to work together when we needed to, and had a gameplan that changed day to day.  I liked my team and it was fun playing with them since I havent been on a team with any of them in the past, except maybe Big, but that was for a brief time.  I find it strange that I was drafted as high up as I was (from what I hear) seeing as how I barely played the new version, and what I did know was mostly building.  That was the reason for my main strategy being building and not attacking.  

Comments, fighting, and trashtalking: It's only a game, chill!

I think that about covers it. Overall it was fun to play in a tournament again, and I'd like to thank Alf once again for hosting it.  The experience in the new version I got from it was invaluable and probably set me ahead on the main server a few weeks perhaps a month learning things on a fast based server.

Cheers OM

  Title: It's that time of year again
Jun 8, 2005 - 10:05 pm
Posted By: Oakman

  Those of you that know me well, know that I've been playing since version .14, but I really got into the game around september of '04. Last summer I took a break from the game due to the fact that I have a place at the beach, and another one up in the mountains of PA, and I spend most of my summer on vacation at one place or another.  These vacations are jsut starting, meaning that I won't have a constant internet connection most of the summer.  Basically I'm taking a break until about September or October. I'll stop in the chat once in a while to see what's goign on, and you can put me on you messenger list (MSN:jelloboy52@hotmail.com, AIM: joeoak1) or email me. If a new tourney pops up, I may join up for a lil' fun, or start up a game for a week or so to keep me occupied, but don't expect me to link a profile in games other than the tournies. I'll also try to hep out with testing the new version.

  Congrats to Satman and AK on getting the #1 and #2 spots in Moonraker's opinion, and everyone else who got a mention in his blog.  It's been fun playing with you all, expecially AK and Tarnus. Tarnus taught me alot about the game and I doubt I would have been as decent as I am now w/o his advice. Anyways I'm sure I'll be talking to most of you, so I'll keep it short.

The winner of my little quiz thing by the way was KK with an amazing 17!!!! Amazing how much stuff he knew about me. I didn't think anyone would get above a 15. Congrats.  

May 12, 2005 - 12:49 am
Posted By: Oakman

Here's a little quiz about me. Lets see who knows the most about me. Winner gets...I dunno???? A mention in my blog! There we go.

1. My first name is?
   A. Jim
   B. Frank
   C. Joe
   D. Howard

2. I started playing AAtraders in what grade of high school?
   A. Freshman (9th)
   B. Sophmore (10th)
   C. Junior (11th)
   D. Senior (12th)

3. Which is not an alias I have played under?
   A. Frank
   B. Mathilda
   C. Dill
   D. Jake

4. Which is not a song I have on my "attacking" playlist?
   A. Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple
   B. Upside Down - A-teens
   C. Macarena - Los del Rio
   D. Take it to Da House - Trick Daddy

5. Who invited me to their team on the main server when they saw me play in the Thunderdome?
   A. Big
   B. Tarnus
   C. Moonraker
   D. Bovine

6. In the test run of Thunderdome, who did I defeat?
   A. Tarnus
   B. Neongreen
   C. Max Griswald
   D. CSimplex

7. Who was never one of my teammates?
   A. Neongreen
   B. Max Griswald
   C. AK5intoe
   D. Shermond

8. How long have I been playing AAtraders (not including breaks)?
   A. Since the beginning of last school year
   B. Summer of 2004
   C. November of 2003
   D. March of 2004

9. My avatar, noted as "the little girly avatar" is a cahracter form which anime series?
   A. Azumanga Daioh
   B. Read of Die
   C. Scryed
   D. Bleach

10. My avatar on my profile page was made famous by which Kevin Smith movie?
   A. Mall rats
   B. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
   C. Jersey Girl
   D. Dogma

11. What phrase do I use if I decide to announce a kill?
   A. Pull Kerwhack
   B. Pull
   C. PKEW!

12. Why do I lose my connection to chat all the time?
   A. I like to mess with the people in there
   B. My cable wires a faulty
   C. I have a virus
   D. The cordless phone interupts my connection

13. In the past year, what would keep me from playing AAtraders the most?
   A. Work
   B. Philosophy reports
   C. Out to the movies
   D. Away on a trip

14. Where do I work?
   A. The post office
   B. A fast food restaurant
   C. A polish bakery
   D. A book store

15. My internet connection is...
   A. 28 Kb/s
   B. 56 Kb/s
   C. T1 line (150 kb/s)
   D. Cable (350 Kb/s)

16. My ship name is always what?
   A. The disco ball
   B. The carrot
   C. Frantic Lace
   D. Your Mother

17. Which author have I not read a series of books by?
   A. Robert Jordan
   B. Terry Brooks
   C. Terry Goodkind
   D. Robin Hobb

18. Where does my name "oakman" come from?
   A. My playing stlye resembles the toughness of an oak tree
   B. My last name start starts with the sound "oak"
   C. My friend gave it to me
   D. A combination of AB and C

19. How many tournies have I been in?
   A. 2
   B. 3
   C. 4
   D. 5

20. What state do I live in?
  A. Ohio
  B. Pennsylvania
  C. Delaware
  D. New Jersey
And the 2 Tie-breakers

1. How old am I?
   A. 17
   B. 18
   C. 19
   D. 20

2. My local Taco Bell's combo #5 is?
   A. 3 Supreme Tacos
   B. Nachos Bell Grande meal
   C. 2 Chalupa meal
   D. Bean Burrito meal

You can PM me your answers. May the best man (woman) win!!!

Entry Edited 2 times - Edited on May 12, 2005 - 12:53 am

May 5, 2005 - 7:59 am
Posted By: Oakman

Well the draft tourney is about to start and I just want to say good luck. Sorry about your invite SaniTAR. I could have sworn i invited you. Does anyone else have the feeling that some of the players that have yet to accept their invites, aren't going to show up?

P.S. Glad you like my avatar Big, I made it a few days early in case you were making the same one.

May 1, 2005 - 3:56 pm
Posted By: Oakman

My team for the tourney in ABC order
capt sheridan
little big

  Let the trading begin. I'm looking forward ot playing with you all.

  Title: Ryan Rulez
Mar 16, 2005 - 10:19 am
Posted By: Oakman

Give it up Ryan...

Mar 15, 2005 - 12:56 pm
Posted By: Oakman

   I was going to suggest a draft tournament, but then the old idea of a nation tournament has been brought up again. Since there seems to be many interested in this, i think we could probably get on started. So I'm game for either a draft or national tournament.  

  Title: Tourney
Jan 26, 2005 - 10:56 am
Posted By: Oakman

Only one more day until the start of qualifying for the new tournament. Can't wait to see how it all pans out in the next few weeks. Alot of good players will, hopefully, be involved in the tournament. Still haven't planned out a strategy. It's best to do that when you have all the server information. Plus, you hardly ever stick to your strategy during a tournament. Just a reminder everyone "MAKE AND LINK PROFILES"!!!! Every time a tournament starts, the number of peopel that usually compete goes down due too the large amount not registered. It's not that difficult, and it takes maybe 5 minutes to do. Try and get some practice in the next few weeks. Try building, trading, and get in the thundedome for attacking and tracking practice. Sometimes it's best to get into another server and start from scratch for the best practice. Also, the top players not invited to the tournament are a valuable resource, use them, and try to learn how to imporve your game from them. I know I am. I also didn't notice AK5intoe on the list for the tournament and was wonderin why he wasn't on there.

  On to the main server. Anyone know how that le_rieur_gris got so high in the rankings in a span of about 2 days. If you look at his planets built, captured, and lost, you can see how little planets he has, and his experience is extremely low. So this means he's not building. The next way would have to be debris. But that would only cause him one big jump. He first jumped to #20 or so in the rankings, and then the next day he's up to #15. It all just seems really weird to me. Anywho, I've alread killed him once sitting in his stealth, and I plan on doing this again.

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Jan 21, 2005 - 11:19 pm
Posted By: Oakman

The timer stopped!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! thats not kool. Its stuck at about 40 some minutes

EDIT: my bad, the minutes are still counting.

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Dec 30, 2004 - 3:09 pm
Posted By: Oakman

Why are you claiming I cheat Big? I shouldn't even  be in that category with tempest and Raven.

Edit: I can see how I didn't win, but I still would liek to know how I was nominated for even being a cheater...

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Dec 12, 2004 - 10:18 pm
Posted By: Oakman

Can we all stop the trash talking in the blogs people. Your titled to your own opinion, but try to keep it down a little bit. 90% of the blogs in the past few weeks have been nothing but denouncing other players. We all should realize that others are better than us, and alot more are worse. From now on, if your going to trashtalk someone in your blog. Put it all into 1 entry, not over several days.

EDIT: some people deserve this. Apparently we have another person that is gonna soon be writing blogs about the viking servers again. His name is Jango Fett. He sounds like he has some major self confidence. Keep it up guys, make me join there again and show you how to play. I REALLY don't feel like listening to your idiotic strategies, and I'm sure no one else does either. 3 reasons not to read your blogd 1) they either don't apply to real aatraders, 2) We have already figured it out, or 3) they're the stupidest thing I've ever heard and chances are they are coming from the stupidest person to play the game. So if you can, stick to your game and post your strategies there, because once you put them here, you're just going to piss some people off. Me in particular.

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Dec 10, 2004 - 2:39 am
Posted By: Oakman

  Sometime you need to just sit back and get a laugh...

Edit: Ive been pretty busy lately and havent had much time for the game. I'm basically consolidating a few times a day and im up to 15th on the main now.  Work is gonna be picking up at school and the bakery i work at. Finals are here and christmas is always a busy time at my job. After next week you may not be seeing much of me until christmas eve. Anyway I just finished typing up research and i'm tired and i really should get some sl..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  Title: I worry sometimes
Dec 3, 2004 - 2:15 am
Posted By: Oakman

If you click on the servers button on any login screen on any AATrade web server, you will see at the bottom, a third list of servers. They are at the bottom for a reason. They are there because they have drastic settings changes than any normal server. On many of them, you can earn octillions of credits for just sitting in Fed Space. However, some change the name of Fed space, ships, and even the font color of the template. These games can be fun, because they require no true skill to start the game, and money comes easy. We all know that in real games, the whole point is not to just kill you opponent, but to make money to be able to do so. These servers are only half of a game. This is why they appeal to so many lower ranked players. This attracts a crowd like no other. Player begin to think they are good because they have all of this money and are in the top 5, but the truth is they did no actual work to earn that spot. When a player of even moderate skill level enters these games, they can dominate in very little time. Krazy Klingon (Koloth, Judas Priest) or Bottom Gun for example can run one of those servers is they actually spent time on them. Instead they move on to other games where the skill level to win is higher. KK has given me spy data of almost every major planet in the system in the last 2 servers I have joined. Recently I had joined on of the Viking servers to do nothing but trash talk in the shoutbox. Mostly RyanRulez (under the name rampage there). He kept telling me to shut my mouth and bring it on. Looking at the ranking and seeing that he had over 4 times the amount of score I had, I decided against this and "invited" him to a friendly game of thunder dome where we would be evenly matched. He decline so 2 days ago I finally bought a ship, and I killed Ryan and 2 other team members and brought myself up to 3rd place. You would think this is enough for respect from Ryan but no. He continued to trash talk saying how he would nova my sectors 1000 times a day. Considering I have no planets this threat was empty. I destroy all planets I take so there is nothing left. I found him again yesterday morning, and proceeded to kill him. That?s twice in about 12-14 hours. Armed with a serious case of overconfidence he STILL was trash talking me. So tonight I killed him once again, and his entire SG base. Even so, I doubt he will show any sign of inferiority to me. His teammates seem to be realizing that he isn't all he says he is.  I have already recruited 2 of his teammates, one of which is the top player of the server. When he logs on tomorrow morning there is no doubt he will post more comments in my profile, post a ridiculous blog that has no strategic or helpfulness at all, and post in the shoutbox how he is still better than me.  
That brings me to my point about his blogs which caused this hatred towards him in the first place.  He posts and edits his messages sometimes 5 times per day.  This wouldn?t be so bad if they contained some relevance or helpfulness to other players.  His contain stupid information which anyone could obtain by looking at the server information.  Considering he is one of the only ones with a profile on that server, anyone that COULD get any help from them, will not see it.  
Some will say yes, but he may fare well in normal game settings. Although completely possible, in this case it is false.  He recently signed up on the main server, and instead of working like most that join up and learn how to play the game, he asked for money in shout as soon as he logged on.  Faced with the idea that he may actually have to play a game instead of flying around blowing stuff up, he never logged on again.  In his servers, he claims that he has sector novaed over 1000 times in a day.  Anyone that plays real games knows that Nova Bombs take many turns to launch and on a server like the main, you would probably only be able to launch AT MOST 100, and that is if your lucky.  Sector Novas are now pointless on that server anyway, because anyone can take a planet without thinking.  It only decreases the money on the planet.  Another one of his bogus claims is his 21 kill score.  This he believes is better than my kill score. On the Viking servers, maybe, however on the main I am topped only by the kill master Ash, and on the thunderdome, we all know how far ahead I jumped when the rankings first started.  These 2 servers are also valid games.  Almost all of my kills on the main have been honorable and not pioneer sweeping like some claim.  I took out an entire team in less than an hour, and yet I still get nothing of a good comment from him.  In his blog he even said how he was destroying pioneers.
In conclusion, we see that RyanRulez has made many mistakes. 1) Writing blogs that nobody cares about. 2) Playing nothing but simple servers. 3) Claiming he is a veteran when he does not play like one. 4) Messing with the wrong players. 5) Claiming he is better than most even after he was killed numerous times in a short time period. 6) Saying his kill total is valid and better than mine. 7) Thinking his strategies is good. 8) and failure to prove yourself in a real game.  All I have to say is, Ryan next tourney I?m in I want you to join. Then we will see who the better player is. O yea check out Neon?s blog. It contains some interesting points

  Title: Vote
Dec 1, 2004 - 12:12 pm
Posted By: Oakman

  Oakman 12/01/2004 12:57
Admit that im better than you

Rampage 12/01/2004 12:59
NO. I have more experience for real. TOO MUCH.

Oakman 12/01/2004 13:00
Ive been playing this game for almost a year and a half

everyone give me and ryanrulez's your opinion on this through PM or email.

Dec 1, 2004 - 12:40 am
Posted By: Oakman

It's been a while since i blogged last and not much has happened. On the main i joind up with TH onto Vermin Rule after Bovine quit. There im working with some other people to take down some players. I joined one of the viking servers again HAHA for no reason at all. I sat in SOL for almost 3 weeks and just earned embezzlements. I started trash talking ryanrulez. Why? Because I dont like him. His blogs are pointless, no one cares about his strategyies that don't matter in real games, and he has no real skill at all. The past few days weve been busting each other in the shoutbox. Today i finally came out of SOL and basically kicked some A--. Shows what real skill can do on a server like that. Now im just sitting in a random sector and not really worried about anyone finding me. I made my point. I killed ryan in a little over half an hour of actual playing time. Next time you trash talk ryan, have the skills to back it up.

  Title: Tourney
Nov 21, 2004 - 1:31 am
Posted By: Oakman

  As the team tourney draws to a close, I am quite pleased with meself, and Big as I already explained to you there WAS a reason why my planets were undefended. Whats the point if 90% of the players could get through any SD I put up without a Nova. Just look at the rankings. I may have most deaths and most planets lost, but considering they amounted tmo almost nothing from my score, it's fine. You see my theory was to build as many planets as I could and I made them with low levels. Many purposes to this, I dont put all my money in just a few sectors, I had about 50 planets at one time. So if someone took one, then they were only getting about 2% or my planets. They then are easily replaced. adn next tiem you critisize someone look at the rankings. O yea did i forget to mention Big almost got another Nova dropped on his head. Better thank his behind for misfires. Im in top 5 adn team is currently 4th. Not bad if i say so myslef.

  Title: *Sigh*
Nov 18, 2004 - 10:14 pm
Posted By: Oakman

  Bovine you will be missed. You were definitly one of the best at thunder dome and i saw how quickly you got your score up in the main server (monster trucker). But I know the same feeling, it does get in the way alot of the time. So anyhow, on the tourney I'm still building ALOT of planets, hopefully they will move me up a few places before it's all over with. My teammate slept in his voyager and basically got kicked in the A. He was doing good too for a few days, brought his score almsot ot mine. But it hasn't changed in quite awhile. At least eh tried unlike cyclone, forgot to buy a pod and tried to hold onto sectors long dead. I could porbably be top 5 right now if not for my poor start. But i worked out some new strategies and next tiem I should be stronger. Props to the coffin dancers on thier strong appearance, and Big (we expected it though). Anyway there's still 3 days left and anything can happen. Then maybe I'll stir up some chaos on the main again. Been a while since I did that. Plus I still have to join a team. Numenor your still in the lead. O yea, the vikings servers suck, stay away.

Nov 17, 2004 - 10:09 pm
Posted By: Oakman

  Been a while isnce I updated. Hit up the top 10 in the tourney. Lots of work out in that server. Main is still the same, haven't been doing anything but consolidate. I paly the thunder dome mostly. If you haven't been there you should definitly check it out. Only problem is I keep getting diconnected from my internt during games and my deaths have been going up. Still on top though. ACtually I have been debating on qutting for a few weeks until winter break. It takes up alot of my time anymore and interferes with the work. Plus my involvement on the main hasn't been too good. I'm starting to work at the bakery more too so that means 3-5 days a week there doing random work. The game jsut seems to get in the way, and I don't read or watch any more movies. Would liek to catch up on some stuff. If ya wanna try to talk me out of it PM me and try. Maybe I'll decide to stay and play some hardcore AATrade liek I used to.

  Title: So much to do, so little time
Nov 13, 2004 - 1:23 am
Posted By: Oakman

  seems that the past few days have been horrendous for AAtrade with the main being down. Luckily none of my digs went to reducers and lowered my population to nil. On the tourney it's mostly been a one man game. My one teammate cyclone died, and kool_aid barely gets on. I'm doing it for personal gain now. Top 10 all the way. Apparently Big said in his blog that theres been some multi accounting on the tourney and i have a good guess who it is. That would bring us down to 1 page of players. Kinda sick aint it. Alot of people forget pods. Lost alot of my planets but i keep on building new ones so its OK. Spies are everywhere. I dont even dare transfer anymore unless i jsut built the planet. Tommorow i may just buy a voyager. Or keep the cash and upgrade my razor. The voyager would be probably better. Sometimes I'm actually thinking about quitting. theres very littel chance my team can finish top 5, and it turned into a single tourney struggle of survivale again. Plus I have alot of work anymore and I need the free time. Thats why thunderdome is perfect for me. Get rid of my bloodlust and then SD. No worry of people killing you while being offline. If you haven't played in Da Dome I suggest you check it out. If I'm online I'll give you some pointers. TH made a change that automatically boots you from sol. Very helpful, now everyone will move more and i can kill them quicker. Still looking for my first death on there. Actually snowed here tonight...weird stuff. I hate that white stuff. Not the fact that it's in the way, but the fact that it's in the way of the 3-4 driveways i usually have to shovel. LOL haven't had anyone on my deathlist in a while...maybe a full fledged offensive is due on the main in the next week. and my team status is still leaning towards Dunedain. Although I am still looking at others. More offers gratefully accepted. Night. O yea check out Neongreens blog about a Nova story on Big.

  Title: A great time to play aatrade
Nov 11, 2004 - 12:16 am
Posted By: Oakman

  Today was the first full day that the thunderdome was open. Most of my online time today was playing this server.  If your haven't played yet, i suggest that you do.  You get 50K turns, 150 tril creds, no sector nova misfires, 150 sectors, and the most important fact, NO ESCAPE PODS!!!!  Once your dead, your out. In 10 minutes you can reenter the dome when your email is replenished. This is when we are playing on continuous new players. Some 2-4 person games go on also.  I hold the greatest feat, 17 kills and nearly 2 and a half hours or people trying to kill me. And to top this off, I did it without the use of Nova Bombs. After my third kill Max stgated that he felt it was unfair, i agree, so for the rest of the game i went without novas.  The group that played included, Numenor, Tarnus, Neongreen, Alf, Max Griswald, and maybe 1 or 2 more. I eventually got tired and needed to get a shower before bed (so tired). I let them kill me off but not before i got rid of all the cash i accumulated. It was the most fun I've ever had playing traders adn the best part is I don't have to worry about someone trying to kill me overnight. It's the perfect short term game. Ya guys are fun to play with and i must say some of you almost got me a few times. The link is on the official server list or http://tourney.aatraders.com/. Check it out and see if you too can get 17 kills.  Tourney is good too is i forgot to mention that, good job Alf even though the start was iffy

  Title: THE GREATEST TOURNEY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 10, 2004 - 12:17 am
Posted By: Oakman

  OK so i had no classes today. I spent most of my time sleeping, eating, and playing AAtrade.  I spent some much needed time working on the tourney and finally got a sec started up.  Im almsot in the top 50 now on the main despite not playing for about 3 days now.  And the greatest idea ever was conceived today. A 1 on 1 tourney where you get 150 tril, alot of turns, and 150 sectors to play around in. O yea did i mention no escape pod??? First one to kill the other wins. Tarnus, I must say is a god, for starting this thing up on such short notice. The first game was
me vs Max Griswald. Took me 4 times to finally destroy his ship and not just cause damage.  Yes you read it right, I killed Max. It was the most fun ive ever had playing AAtrade, and I think this idea is a keeper. Games should be over in less than an hour. Thats about it. Im out like a trout

  Title: New tourney and a long awaited update
Nov 8, 2004 - 11:56 pm
Posted By: Oakman

   Unlike the last tourney, This one I was busy with A LOT of school work.  Wouldn?t have been that way if I didn?t go to the poker tourney at college the night before but then if I didn?t go to that I would of never won that $50 gift card.  For this I apologize to my teammates because I know they were counting on me to trade early in the game and start almost everything.  I tried to get some cash for cyclone to start but I was quickly killed and ended up having only 12 million to start off with today.  It?s amazing how far I got on that little bit of cash.  I now have quite a bit of money on the side and some nice planets to give me some income.  I killed Nocti while searching the universe for some good port prices and found some nice secs with some heavy SD?s.  Tomorrow I?ll have a few thousand more turns and since I have off from class on Tuesday?s, I can make up some more lost ground and will probably even work a lot on the main which I?ve neglected for about a week now not even playing serious.  I?m surprised no one caught onto that and tried to take me out.  I?ve been invited to 2 teams on the main and I?m still debating which one to join.  Numenor?s Dunedain looks great right now with him and Nazgul and since I?m good friends with them, we should be a big power force very soon.  The Syndicate also has made an invitation for me due to the fact that I have killed both members on the team in the past weeks, and they are amazed at my kill to death ratio.  Also a third option where my friend Dan has restarted on the main and we have worked well together in the past.  Right now it looks like Dunedain, but I could choose either option.  Mike you really screwed me over with the Horde of Pitt.  We worked well for a short time and then you quit cold turkey.  I know you still don?t trust Numenor, but he?s had the chance to take me out at least a dozen times now when we?ve worked together taking our things and such.  Why am I even referring to you?  It?s not like you?ll ever read this.  Goals for tourney 1) Get team into top 3. Most important of all because it?s for the team. 2) Get all of my teammates into the top 10 or at least 15. 3)survive.  Back onto the tourney subject, I know it was hard to turn down killing me and Kool_Aid Neon, but even though you had made a truce with our team, you broke it within 24 hours. Good Job on destroying trust.

Death List:
Nocti(tourney)- Got him in a pioneer without a pod, first kill for me on there.


Nov 3, 2004 - 10:44 pm
Posted By: Oakman

typed a blog all up and it all got deleted from an accidental mouseclick on my little touchthing on my laptop. Promise I'll update later. Basically I'm killing people left and right (cleaning according to "The Professional") adn not doing much more because of the most school work I've ever had. I'm out.

  Title: Long day
Oct 30, 2004 - 10:18 pm
Posted By: Oakman

Worked for 7 hours in a bakery today. I'm tired. Yet I still got 3 kills and bought an excelsior. Boring day actually. Just checking up on stuff and building. Here's todays death list.

Death List:

ICW- Voyager. I was just checking out Damage Inc.'s sectors again and he was right at the main entrance. Easy offline kill.

Malacki- Lucky i guess, he was sitting in one of his sectors that i had just taken 2 days ago in a new voyager. Took him out just for the fact that he still sleeps in a place eh already got killed.

Depth Charge- Found a hot link out of sector 2. Took me 2 attacks to take down his excelsior but I did it. 600 billion salvaged from him. a


NEW- BLACKACE- basicaly he was stupid and i killed him.

lost my big ship today. Dropped 1,200,000 in points. Got a decent excelsior to get me through the next couple of days. I might finish my long and dramatic philosophy report that is due in about a week. By then i can rebuild some secs and my ship up. most likely I'll be upgrading my newly bought excelsior while keeping my voyager at a level thats safe to do some grunt work and not be destroyed. Still looking for a new teammate for the tourney, 1 perosn replied but i'm still awaiting some answers from him. PM, IM, or email if interested.

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  Title: Random
Oct 29, 2004 - 9:27 am
Posted By: Oakman

People who leave thier voyager and excelsiors laying around in the main server should definitly think about how much mone i make off of them, and how much of a waste it is for them to upgrade with all thier money, and then just let it sit in realspace to be killed forcing them to restart.

Edit 1: Fun times on the main. The sectors just keep piling up and its hard to keep up with most of them. Took out another main today. Broke about even money wise. My ship's starting to look pretty nice, it's about a week later in upgrades than what I had planned last week, but thats what happens when you don't play on most of the weekend. Busy weekend ahead full of work, philosophy report due in about a week, among other things. Decided everytime that I kill someone on the main I'll add their name to my blog with some info about them possibly. the first victims of the death list are

Death List:
Malacki-Last night, took out main team sectors
Micky Mouse- Last night had a spy on his ship a while ago, took out team sectors last night
Warlock- Last night, took out main team sectors
KateR- Sequential realspacing, created a based sector, waited 2 minutes until she entered
Inuyasha- 3rd time, found him through a warp link
Jogurt-Link from sec 2 to several Jogurt sectors
Whiteknight- Hardest earned kill, took about 20 nova to bring down his planet and him, destroyed his excelsior. I expect retaliation on this one.

note: still looking for 3rd person for tourney

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Oct 28, 2004 - 3:32 pm
Posted By: Oakman

   My internets been down for about half a week and I jsut got it fixed today. Been going crazy with my turns built up. I'm looking for a team on the new tourney. Think i got all the kinks out my game plans now since ive been playing for about a month now. Just send me an email or instant message me on AIM if your interested. Later.

Edit 1: Today was absolutely CRAZY. I made my way to the chat earlier today. Me and kool-aid made up a team for the tourney. Were still looking for 1 more person so im me or email me if your interested. Afterwards i got on the main server for some fun. I had the main sectors of the team Damage Inc. for about 2 weeks now and I was jsut waiting for the time to strike. Turns out all 3 of them were in the group of sectors. In a span of a little over half an hour I had nova bombed teh SD down to a few million, took out the first group of planets in the entry warp sector, destroyed Malacki, Destroyed Micky Mouse, captured ALOT of planets in warp sectors, destroyed warlock, all in all gained about 2 trillion in credits, not a bad day. Each on of them was ahead of me beginning today now the highest one is about 15-20 behind me. Kinda proud I did it myself. One of the first full out assaults on this game I had done that actually took some time and planning. Mike basically rejoined today (he started playing again) don't know how long it'll last. I have quite a few other home planets with medium to heavy cash on them and might take them out tonight or this weekend. I'm also selling info on specific people for the right price, talk to me for details.

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  Title: Finished, but yet continuing
Oct 23, 2004 - 1:26 am
Posted By: Oakman

  The singles touney finished today at 9 P.M. EST. I finished 10th and content with how I played. I started the first day strong, but never got to building planets. I died a few times, thought about quitting, bulit myself back up, watched my score grow. I may not have gotten a kill, but then again i didn't really have a ship to attack with. For my first tourney I think i did decent. It was more of a "get back into the game" time for me. I did accomplish 2 of my goals. To finish in the top 10, and score over 1 million points. I thought I could take 9th place early in the day from SliM, but i couldn't produce enough or find any planets with considerable credits. I had sold most of my information off before for money to rebuild.

  The main server has been like it should be. Fun. Today at college I started tracking Annihilation. I found him in a few minutes and realized his ship would kill me no problem. I then tried to nova him WHILE HE WAS ON THE MOVE. Most of you know this is no simple task. For 15 minutes I warp edited links in to his location, but he was too quick. With the motive that he destroyed my first home on the main, I eventually caught up to him with my links. Now all I had to do was fire a Nova into the sector (I knew he was there because there was no last ship seen even after the scan). Figures the bomb damaged my ship after all that work. 1000 turns used and emotionally drained, I limped back to my home sec and logged off.

  Earlier tonight I did alot of searching. Found Numenor sleeping in one of his secs. Right before I took him and his planets with some nice cash on 'em. He logs on, consolidates, and moves to sector 1. As soon as i begin my attack. Not much other stuff. JER, someone thats been hangin around the popular sectors, keeps taking my little planets full of spies and nothing else. He's also hit our team mines and blew up about 4-5 times. Then he complains about it when one of the spies gets on his ship. Not my fault, he's the one that didn't clean for spies good enough. Before I got off I found a few decent planets with some good cred numbers. My internet's been acting up the past few days and shuts off. As soon as I get back to home sec and log off, it goes dead. Just in time in my eyes. Thats about it. More sectors with bounties than anything now, and eveyone elses secs are too heavily defended for my ship. Gonna spend some time with my friends tommorow. DOn't know what or when were gonna do stuff but I'm lookin forward to it. Haven't ahd much free time. Later, I'm out.

  Title: Late night strategy
Oct 22, 2004 - 1:58 am
Posted By: Oakman

  The past week has been crazy. I basically restarted the Main server once again.  I'm ranked about 80th and my teammate mike (which didn't actually quit the server) is about 13 spots ahead of me. Most of my time has been searching for planets that have gone indy or main team sectors. Me and Mike took out quite a few of the later but they keep ocmin back because we can't finish the job because of bounties. Some even keep sleepin in the same sec that I blew them up in. Got some good spy info the past 3 days or so. Haven't used the info much yet, but i have a feeling it's gona be a long weekend. I used up most of my turns earlier today building some new cash planets, trading for some quick cash, and searching for others. I found Inuyasha tonight.  Attacked ship, some damage but not much. Probably more damage to him. Me and Mike are also both top 10 in kills. At least people know who we are again. I should have my voyager pretty hard hitting by weeks end. Did i mention that most of my team hardly ever gets on to help out? Maybe it's about time to drop em.

   All in all the tourney has been going pretty well. I made a bunch of cash planets, transfered colonists, now im reaping the benefits. Made top 10 about 2 days ago. It feels like an empty accomplishmetn though considering a bunch of people ahead of me in score quit. I should break past the 1 million mark in score sometime tonight so thats a plus. I think I did pretty well despite not playing for 6 months. Might sit out the next tournament. Time is a luxury in the college life and i find i keep going to bed later and later. My grades haven't dropped yet and I'm still on track for Dean's list. Overnight I should get some turns back for both servers so tommorow I'll play some after class.

My "super servers" are dead. Taken offline like they usually are in 2 weeks. O well. I'm well off in the main game now so I don't have to waste as much time. They were fun though. Most people just collected debris which made it unconfrontational. I fough Red Ryder a few times. He had so much cash from debris thought that I was no match. Not like it really affected my score.

  In the words of kyle's (Razz) yearbook quote "I'm out like a trout" (HAHA killed him too today)

Leave some comments. Suggestions or what not. Improvement is always the key.

Id hate to edit twice in less than an hour, but some things must be said sometimes. I seriously feel corrupted by my top 10 rank. After reading Phaser's and Big's blog, I realize I probably wouldn't have made it this high. I was killed 4 times, twice in the span of 48 hours and it was rough, but i stuck with it. I remember the Fed ship in some of my sectors a few morevtimesvthan what I usually do, but i didn't think anything of it. I honor everyone's descision that quit and SDed. Cheating is wrong. I'm not accusing anyone of cheating, adn that it actually happend. It could have been coincidence. I just feel like I shouldn't even be a presence in the tourney.

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  Title: Remember When...
Oct 13, 2004 - 9:28 pm
Posted By: Oakman

   It was about a year ago when I walked into my first period class and saw Mike Torres (Lord Tonto) playing AATrade before my first period class was about to start.  My friend Chris (Blasphmatic, Kristofel) began playing almost immediately.  Me on the other hand, logged in about a week later after some peer pressure.  My first name didn?t last too long, I died after about 2 days.  The name after that lasted a little longer but accidentally ran into some SD?s that I couldn?t scan.  I finally figured out the game, and on my third name made it to the top 20.  Another friend of mine Robin (Lady Serrot) was also playing at this time. By now some of my other friends had joined including Mike (Mikhail, Harvest Monkey) Kyle (Richard Rahl), Dan (Jake), and Curtis (C DeShields).  With the later 2 we started a team, and with a little help from us, they were almost as good as us.  Our team grew in strength by the day.  We knew who to stay out of conflict with, and selectively we took other players out.  I was in the top 5 in kills, and eventually 2nd.  There was no way I could catch up with Ash though having over 100 kills. With the restart I lost Dan and Curtis, and gained Ed Anderson and his homemade server,  but me and Chris were still going strong.  We traded with our excess turns to raise our score and gain some cash, and began taking over slowly.  We were a moderate threat, with both of us at a reasonable ranking (I think top 20).  Our planets grew and so did we.  Soon after, we both grew away from the game, but it was never forgotten.  A few weeks ago while sitting at a desk at school, I was browsing for a game in the Neumann College computer lab and soon remembered Traders.  I quickly joined some super fast servers, and eventually joined the main.  I brought back Mike for a short time and I still believe that he is playing part-time on one of the servers. Chris has signed up on the main, but I haven?t seen him log on as of yet. Soon after my revival in the game, Torres (tonto) quit for school work.  I am beginning to spread my contacts out now since many of my old allies have quit.  Currently on the super servers I am ranked 2 respectably on both.  The main I haven?t been logged on too often and my base was destroyed.  I am currently logged onto the individual tournament as you have already read, and despite a strong start, I am now struggling to stay in the top 20.  While thinking back on all of the old times I have spent on this game, I have realized how much closer it brought us together.  It made my senior year an enjoyable one, and made first period seem to fly by. It brought strategy and business details that are not only used in the game, but in real life.  This alone is enough reason for someone to join the game.  Not only that, it is exciting, free, and fun to play, and it allows you to meet new people, strengthen bonds with old friends, and develop skills such as leadership and communication.  All of which are major details in a successful life.

  Title: More Tourney
Oct 13, 2004 - 6:10 pm
Posted By: Oakman

I've been seriously ignoring the amount of homework piling up over the past few days, think i'll start on that.  2 days, 2 deaths. Life hasnt been to happy. Tryin to make some quick cash. New planets blah blah blah. Still in top 20 but barely. need to plan my 4 year curriculum for collge I'm out

  Title: Byez
Oct 9, 2004 - 6:04 am
Posted By: Oakman

Long night. Heavy tradin on tourney brought me to first. dropped down few now. played cards, played madden, 1 hr. sleep, now gone huntin. c-ya on teusday

  Title: Restart
Oct 8, 2004 - 9:05 am
Posted By: Oakman

  A few weeks ago i was sitting at a computer desk at college, and decided I should start up again. I realized that I missed the exilaration or killing and having mock wars. Yahoo Hold 'em and pool just don't cut it. It's gonna be a while before I can hit up the top 10 again. I even brought back some old friends and created a team. I wish I had the gunslingers back, but this team will probably end up being better.  Time is aluxury these days so i think I'm goin to stick with some of the "outrageous" servers at this point. This way I can get back to my tradition of 'splodin' ships .  Not enough time to really start on the main server. I wish i had started sooner on the reset so i wouldn't have as many points to catch up to. It feels like ages since I've played last. I had done some trading and bought a voyager.  This is already blown up (thanks ANNHILATION).  I have yet to buy a new ship, and probably won't until next monday or tuesday. (Donations are welcome for my new ship).  I'm gonna do some real huntin for deer.  Already bagged a doe but I'm still tryin to get that big buck.  Wish I had the internet upstate. That's another thing. I'm gonna miss the start of the tourney which is pissin me off, cause i had actually decided to put some effort into it.  O well. I'll see how things are when I get back.  Maybe I can pick off some weaker players. No bounty rules rock. Meh I guess I have to cut it short, class time has arrived. I had a morning class already cut short for over an hour and a half becasue we onyl had to hand in a paper (damn 12 page philosophy essay), maybe my next will get out early too. Heard my Prof. has a doc. appointment. Later.

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